Complete settlement destroyed in Chitwan, 3 still missing

The Ministry of Home Affairs has urged the public to be on high alert saying that the risk of floods, landslides and inundation could increase due to continuous rains as the monsoon becomes active.

The ministry also said that the local administration and security agencies have been activated to prevent the possible risk of loss of property due to the monsoon disaster and to make the search, rescue and relief work effective.

Home Ministry Spokesperson and Joint Secretary Janak Raj Dahal said that 26 districts, including Sindhupalchowk and Manang, have been affected by floods and inundation due to incessant rains since June 12. So far, 27 people have been killed, 26 missing and 19 injured across the country. Helicopters have rescued 268 people and security personnel have rescued 400 people. According to the ministry, 1,600 flood and landslide victims have been shifted to safer places.

Similarly, 462 houses and buildings were completely and 110 were partially damaged. As the risk of possible monsoon persists, high vigilance has been urged in the river banks, rivers and settlements near Khare. Spokesperson Dahal informed that Rs. 28.6 million has been disbursed for the reconstruction of private houses damaged by this year’s monsoon. This news is in today’s Gorkhapatra daily.

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