Former Minister Navindra Joshi final farewell

Nepal Congress leader Navindra Raj Joshi has passed away . Joshi, who is also a former industry minister, was a popular leader in Kathmandu. Nepal Aushadhi Limited was re-launched on the initiative of 59-year-old Joshi. Leader Joshi, who was born in Kathmandu on July 19, 2019 BS, is contesting from Kathmandu Constituency no. He was elected as a member of the then Constituent Assembly in 2070 BS. He is also a central member of the Nepali Congress.

He was born to Father Gajendra Raj Joshi and mother Geeta Joshi were born in Kathmandu on July 19, 2018. Joshi started politics from the Nepal Students Union (NSU), a sister organization of the Nepali Congress. He was also the secretary of the Trichandra Campus Independent Students’ Union. He became the Central Member, Joint General Secretary and General Secretary of Nevisangha Kathmandu District Vice President and Chairman. Joshi had entered the party politics from student politics after his defeat in the 2048 BS Butwal Convention. Joshi, who did politics under the umbrella of Nepali Congress founder Ganeshman Singh, became the deputy mayor of Kathmandu in 2049 BS. Later, in 2056 BS, he became the Executive Vice President of Youth Self-Employment (like Minister of State).

Their family member couldnot take this news and both of joshi family member (wife and daughter) faint on the spot when they heard this news . According to Rajendra Bahadur Singh, executive director of Norvik Hospital, Joshi passed away at 8:24 pm . He was rushed to Bir Hospital for treatment after suffering a stroke on March 30. He was being treated at the same hospital after being referred to Norvik Hospital by Veer Hospital.

At the same time, Joshi had done a lot of policy work in the field of youth self-employment. Joshi opened the Ganeshman Singh Study Foundation in 2052 BS to study and research the biography of Ganeshman Singh and also made the film Bir Ganeshman based on the biography of Ganeshman Singh. Joshi had won the Constituent Assembly election of 2064 BS from Kathmandu Constituency No. 8. He was the Nepali Congress spokesperson in the first Constituent Assembly and coordinator of the Border Studies Committee. After the promulgation of the constitution in the second Constituent Assembly, he became the Minister of Industry in the government led by UCPN (M) Central Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. Calling the journey now economic prosperity, the International Investment Conference was organized in Nepal after 25 years on the tireless initiative of Joshi. Joshi had done many good deeds including opening closed industries, entrepreneurship, youth and development of industry. When he was the industry minister, Joshi had put forward a plan to operate eight sick and closed industries. During his time, many industrial barriers were removed and legal reforms were made. Joshi, a two-time central member of the party, was still a central member. He was carrying out his homework by nominating a candidate for the post of party general secretary at the party’s 14th general convention scheduled for August 25. But after being hospitalized on March 29 due to a stroke, Joshi has passed away. A friendly, intellectual and capable leader, Joshi was known in the Nepali Congress as a loyal politician.

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