Congress MPs fought in the Parliament like this

Nepali Congress Bagmati MP Narottam Vaidya has apologized for withdrawing his statement about the Prime Minister. His statement was sharply criticized and opposed. He has withdrawn his statement saying that he spoke out of passion. Vaidya was also instructed by his own party, the Nepali Congress, to withdraw his statement.

Speaking in Parliament on Friday, he made an offensive statement against the Prime Minister. He took time to speak with the speaker in the state assembly meeting held on Saturday and even criticized himself. Vaidya has apologized saying that he was emotional and made such a statement.

In a meeting of the state assembly on Friday, Vaidya said that Prime Minister Oli was about to end the country and that someone should become Nathuram Godse to stop it, otherwise he would become himself. Godse is the man who was the lifeblood of Mahatma Gandhi.

Calling himself a Gandhian leader, Vaidya said he was not personally angry with Prime Minister Oli. He says he has no personal resentment. Vaidya has requested to remove his statement from the record of the parliament. The Speaker informed the House that his statement had been removed from the record.

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