Conspiracy against Nepal Airlines Corporation exposed

The teeth of a communist show and gnash their teeth. In the coming election, those who go to the people on the issue of Hindutva are sure to win the election. Oli has understood this too. Prime Minister Oli also understands the importance of religion and culture. But analyst Bharat Jangam says there is no reality in returning to the monarchy. For this, the communists have to throw away the hammer and sickle, he says. Therefore, he says, it is not true that the monarchy will return and Oli insisted on lying.

Mahesh Basnet Lagaet is now preaching that the monarchy will return to Nepal soon. But Mahesh Basnet says Jangam has spoken for money. For him, Ol has Rs 5 billion for the election. That is why Oli is running for election. He says Capioli has its own reserve bank and billions in it. He said that they have run a trust in Oli’s name which is against the law. They have collected their money through these trusts. He says that Oli has his own reserve bank in companies like Omni, Yati and Dugad.

There is talk of weakening the Nepal Airlines Corporation and handing it over. Jangam says that he has registered six cases in the Supreme Court to protect the Nepal Airlines Corporation. He had repeatedly registered these issues. The corporation has been open in Nepal since 2013 BS. The Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation Act 2019 was enacted during the reign of King Mahendra to give legal recognition. At that time it was known as RNAC. But in 2047, R was removed and only NAC was kept. He says that all the words associated with the king or the royal have been removed. Oli and so on have a partnership in every business. The agreement of Gokarna Resort was to be completed in 2082 BS. But at the age of 76, Oli has been renewed for 25 years. This is against the law. This means that the Prime Minister despises the state, the law of the state. The law was also changed for the renewal of Gokarna. Gokarna Resort has paid rent at the rate of Rs 400 per ropani. So if the relationship between Yati and Oli was not strong, why would he do these things himself?

All the communists in Nepal who claim to be me have to earn money to eat. At some point, even the Maoists took the youth to war by assuring them that they would get a house within the last five years. No matter how many communist leaders there are, they have a lot of money.

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