Conversation between Pal and Advocate Neupane in prison, what did Paul said to lawyer?

Today’s Headline When Sanjeev Regmi reached the Tanahu District Court in Nepal, he met Paul Sah and his lawyer and talked to them about the case. After learning about Paul Sah’s case in the Tanahu District Court and the Pokhara High Court, the lawyer said that there was a problem with the length of time the petitioner’s statements were intertwined. Neupane said that at times, people are weakened by the law due to territorial rights and some weaknesses.

In the petition, the victim has declared that the incident took place in Pokhara on 2077-09-10 and in Tanahu on 2078-01-14 and there is a legal provision to lodge a complaint within one year of the incident. Paul Sah, the protagonist who was sent to jail for trial on the basis of the petition filed by the minor singer alleging rape, has directed the Pokhara High Court against the order issued by the district court against Tanahu. Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, Information Officer of the Pokhara High Court, informed that a petition has been filed in the High Court seeking the same.

After Paul Sah filed a case in Tanahu on March 26 alleging that he had repeatedly raped her, Sah went to the police station on March 3 on the basis of a complaint. The district court had ordered to send him to jail on April 26 for trial. The case was registered on Tuesday through Sah’s lawyer. Paul Sah’s own statements contradict his own, and his lawyers have not been able to save him.

Following the lawyers’ debate in the Tanahu District Court on Thursday, a bench of Justice Harris Chandra Dhungana remanded Paul Sah in custody for trial and released his manager Krishna Joshi on Rs 1 lakh bail. Paul will now be held in solitary confinement and will be sentenced to life in prison if convicted by both courts. Paul Sah is facing similar charges in two places, and if convicted, he will be sentenced by the same court, the lawmaker said.

After Paul Sah went to the shooting of the Chitwan music video and, 1-2 months after returning from there, he called and said that he had heard a lot of rumors about us. Sah said that after being repeatedly given a touche to get married and, after being pressured by the media to identify himself as his wife, he told her to do whatever he wants.

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