Corona termed as frightening in Delhi

With the tsunami of the second wave of the Corona epidemic, there is a shortage of space for cremation at the crematorium in the Indian capital, Delhi.

In Delhi, there is a growing demand for parking, parks and open spaces to be used as funeral sites.It takes six hours to burn a corpse completely and people have to wait for four hours for the funeral of their family members.

In view of this situation, a temporary crematorium has been set up in Delhi. At least 380 people were killed in Delhi on Monday alone.The death toll has risen sharply due to a lack of medical oxygen, ICU beds and life-saving drugs. According to the BBC, the crematorium staff is working day and night.

They are also helping the bereaved family who came for the cremation of their family members. It is said that such a situation could happen in other cities of India as well.27 new platforms have been constructed for cremation at Sarai Kale Khan crematorium in Delhi. There are 80 platforms in the nearby park. The Delhi Municipal Corporation is looking for a place to build a pier on the banks of the Yamuna.

Earlier, only 22 bodies could be cremated at one time in Sharai Kale Khan. An employee at the crematorium said he had been working from early morning until midnight.
Meanwhile, 20 additional platforms have been constructed in the parking area of ​​Ghazipur crematorium. An employee said there was still a need to build more platforms.

The condition of other cemeteries in Delhi is also critical. Sunil Kumar Aledia, head of the Center for Holistic Development, a non-governmental organization that helps people struggling with the corona crisis, said there was a lack of space to expand cemeteries in the city.According to him, the demand for cremation ground has increased tremendously. Requests for help appearing on social media seem scattered. Some are begging for oxygen cylinders, some for ICU beds and some for medicine.

According to the Ministry of Health, 360,000 people have been infected in India in the last 24 hours

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