Country in pandemic, Political leaders fighting for the post.

With the ending of the year 2077, 2078 has arrived in the home of Nepalese people with new joy, prosperity and happiness. But while looking back to the political aspect of the country, the condition has been seen as miserable. The party of UML had come together for the development of the country in a rapid way.

But these joined parties were not able to be friendly to themselves. Then where does the point exist to expect something from them? They have a power and working period of 5 years to handle the politics and develop the country but they cannot stay together for even 3 years during their working period. Even if some leaders of the political party cannot stay together and work for the country for only about 5 years then how other developmental works from their sides can be expected. The political condition of the country really brings sadness in the life of Nepalese people. Now we cannot even say where the politics will flow now? Whether the situation will be bad as today or if we can see some goodness in the system. Do the political figures will again come into agreement for the development of the country or will the discussions and fight for the chair and post will still continue? The political disputes are on the one side, likely the pandemic situation in the country is on another. With the beginning of the year 77, the country was also being covered with the disease named corona virus or COVID 19.

In that pandemic period, the Nepalese citizens are fighting for their health and for their life. They have only the tension of how to survive, how to be safe, how to manage money and food. The condition was not so good. Life was miserable day by day. All are fighting with their own problems mostly with the survival issues. Different sectors like- health, education, tourism, industry and many more are hampered in a big way and economic condition of the country is in a big loss. Whereas, the top most political leaders of the country were fighting for their post, chair, power and many more. More than the pandemic period and emerging disease of the country they had more focus on how to save their post and how to uplift their standard.

At that period, it seems like, they are not holding the post for the country and Nepalese people but rather have their own greed in them to gain name, fame and power and on doing so they are fighting for their own political post.  

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