Court in favor of Batas, are you wrong?

Patan High Court has issued a short-term interim order in the name of Pashupati Area Development Fund not to obstruct Hotel Ananda Pvt. Ltd. operating in Dharamshala of Pashupati area.

The High Court in Patan has asked Hotel Anand not to obstruct the work as per the agreement reached on April 12, 2008 until the interim order is issued on Sunday.

A short-term interim order has also been issued in the name of the opposition not to create any obstruction in the operation of Hotel Ananda Pvt.

Batas Group had been operating a hotel in Pashupati’s Dharamshala as per the agreement. The Pashupati Area Development Fund had canceled the agreement a few days ago saying that Batas was operating the hotel against the agreement. The Batas group then reached Patan High Court.

By the order of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Pashupati Development Fund had canceled the agreement with Hotel Ananda Prali, which was entrusted with the operation of the hospice. Minister Prem Ale had ordered to cancel the agreement after monitoring the Dharamshala in Pushpati area.

The Watas group was accused of charging exorbitant prices from guests by operating a star hotel in the name of Dharamsala. A single bench of High Court Judge Narishwar Bhandari issued a short-term interim order in the writ petition filed against the decision to cancel the agreement.

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