CPN-UML on the path of reunification, preparations for unity intensified

The problem of fragmentation that has been going on in the CPN-UML for some time is going to be solved. UML leader and former labor minister Gokarna Bista said that the meeting was held to resolve the problems within the party. He said that the positive discussions could ensure an agreement between the two groups. Saying that the general public wants the UML to unite more than a foot, now is the time to reach an agreement. Prime Minister KP Oli and Madhav Nepal Jhala Nath Khanal’s group had been in dispute for a long time. Prime Minister Oli even expelled Nepal and Khana from the party.

There have been about 25 informal meetings between the two sides. Initiatives are being taken to resolve the dispute within the UML. The meeting was started with the objective of discussing the problems within the party and finding a way out on the basis of consensus. UML cadres at all levels are in favor of party unity. At the same time, ordinary Nepalis are also expecting UML party unity. Therefore, the next step is party unity. In order to fulfill this desire of the general Nepali people and activists, a serious solution has to be found. The next meeting will also discuss more seriously.

Prime Minister Oli had given an ultimatum to Nepal and Jhalanath faction. The main topic of the meeting now is how to unite the parties. Therefore, other issues have not been raised, said Minister Bista. Discussions are underway to bring the talks between the two sides to a conclusion. In a sense, he said, they had a very positive and respectful conversation. He understands that this means that it is a positive sign of party unity.

He is confident that party unity can be made meaningful if sincere initiatives are taken for unity. Bista says that he is working hard for this. The subject matter has been taken forward and now it will be taken up seriously in the next meeting. There are signs of consensus even at the top leadership level. He says that the work started by the task force is also a sign of consensus.

Leader Bhim Rawal says that he is preparing to hold the meeting started by the task force on a regular basis. He said that a meeting would be held again on Tuesday to analyze all the internal problems of the party and make efforts for a solution. He said that the main purpose of the discussion was to unite the institutional system of the CPN-UML in any way possible and how to solve the problem.

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