Crazy boyfriend who broke the mountain after 22 years of separation

What if people want it? If there is strong faith and deep attachment, then man has the ability to fulfill everything he wants. A similar incident which took 22 years in the pain of bereavement and broke the whole mountain alone. That too with a hammer is not a fiction. This is the story of Dasharath Majhi, a citizen of India. He is also known as Mountain Man. In today’s series, we will discuss the biography of Dasharath Majhi. It took 22 years to demolish the entire paddy field and build a road. Of course, a film called Majhi has been made in 2015 based on his biography.

Juddhin Siddhigi has acted justly in the film produced by director Ketan Mehta. Dasharath Majhi lived in Gahlaur in Gaya district of Bihar, India. She was married in 1955 as a child. After the marriage, he ran away from home. He ran away from home with the intention of earning some money. After running away from home, he started his daily work in a coal mine. It has been 7 years since he started working in the coal mine. Seven years later, he returned to his village. On his way back to the village, he sees a young woman. He falls in love with the girl. But the young woman is none other than his wife who married him in childhood.

When he went to pick up his wife, who was married in childhood, his father-in-law said that he would not give up his daughter. The reason is that he has no job to earn. When his father-in-law did not allow his wife to marry him, he fled to another village. In time, a son was born to them. Dasharatha was happily managing the house. Were living happily ever after. One day, Dasharath, the wife of two Jiuis, was climbing the same mountain with food. At the same time, she fights from the mountain. Dasharatha, on the other hand, is waiting for his wife in the field. The villagers inform her that Mrs. has fought from the hill. Dasharath takes his bloodied wife to the hospital. He was taken to a hospital 70 kilometers from the village, but his wife may have died.

When his wife dies after falling from a mountain, he decides to break the mountain. Accordingly, he breaks the mountain day and night. He starts climbing the mountain so that others will not have to fight like his wife. After a while there was a famine in the village and all the villagers started moving. Dasharatha’s father also tells him to leave the village and go with him. But he disobeys and stays in the mountains. He uses contaminated water and grass to do the same. His work is being monitored by a reporter who also publishes news about him. The villagers call him crazy. Even the village chief manipulates him and sends him to prison. But the same reporter released him from prison. In this way, he continues his work no matter how many problems he encounters and after 22 years he leaves the mountain.

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