Cristina, the beautiful owner of a multi-million dollar company, traveled from the village of Myagdi to Kathmandu to “Foodgunj”,

Christina Thapa, born in Beni, Myagdi, dreamed of becoming a nurse at an early age, changing her dream to become an air hostess, changing her mind. After seeing this, she is now giving employment to many people in Nepal.

After moving to Kathmandu to study, Thapa says that she gradually started modeling. Thapa, who had a different dream in her childhood, says that she struggled with different environment and struggled with the changing elements in her life. After learning to cope with the situation of the time, she has learned that even a clear lesson can be learned.

Thapa, who is very interested in online, after seeing many Nepali brothers and sisters working in Foodgunj in India, said that she has a possibility in Nepal as well. Hari says that she has eight opportunities to provide employment to many. “Even with age, people can do anything when they are attached to work,” she said.

Seeing that Nepalis have been working in India, they have given employment to their brothers and sisters in Nepal. Thapa has also provided employment to many people by delivering food prepared by other restaurants, delivering food to the home of the person ordering in a short time while ordering online. Most of the people in the current situation want to take advantage of the service at home, Thapa has been fulfilling that dream.

Initially moving to Kathmandu with a different dream, Thapa now pursues her business along with modeling, music videos and more. Thapa, who has been running her business with family and support, now employs 40-50 people.

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