Criticism of abuse in the name of beauty pageants, police spokespersons and lawyers

A Nepal Police spokesperson comments on the lately hotly debated subject of the girl in the media, saying, “Our first step is to contact the victim to learn more about the situation and take appropriate action. We are actively examining the situation and requesting that the victim contact us. We need to look at it from all perspectives and analyze it so that appropriate action may be taken.”

Following that, she received phone calls from the administrators attractive her to participate in an exceedingly image session. this can be once the ugly narrative begins.In 2014, the administrators and lensman persuaded her to affix another prestigious nickname, Miss Grand International. She consented and took part, and as a result, she was the show’s winner. the subsequent day, the director contacted her at her building to congratulate her on her success. She arrived however found no one; she inquired of the director, WHO aforementioned that the celebration begins at vi p.m.

 She felt vulgar and asked him if she might go once the wither brought a lemmonate at intervals five minutes.But he scolded her and set-aside her a building thus she could not get back. He secure that once guess arrived, he would phone her. once she opened her eyes, she saw constant man, WHO was naked and had taken her vesture off.
Her entire body was lined with blood.After vi months of rapping her for blackmailing her, she took a success and phoned her idol and requested her to help him. Miss Malvika was the person she referred to as, however the phony feminist refused to help her at the instant. Her 1st and second runners-up additionally declined to help her. She was while not hope.
Malvika Subba may be a beauty queen, actress, tv host, social activist, and businessperson from Asian nation. She earned  a degree in mass communication and journalism from Pokhara University.Rape Culture refers to a social climate during which rape is common and sexual violence against girls is accepted and even through the media and standard culture.
 Rape culture is maintained through victimization sexist rhetoric, objectifying women’s bodies, and glamorizing statutory offence, leading to a society that disregards women’s rights and protection.Every girl is suffering from rape culture. The rape of 1 girl degrades, terrorizes, and restricts all girls. owing to the prevalence of rape, most {girls|most ladies} and girls limit their conduct. the bulk of {girls|of ladies} and girls sleep in terror of being raped.
 Men, on the entire, do not. that’s however rape works as a potent tool for keeping the

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