Cultural Program Special, Halka Ramailo. Episode126.

The program, which airs every Sunday night on Himalaya Television, shows the real happenings in Nepali society, a comedy TV series presented by media hub pvt .ltd, depicts the reality of life of people living in village houses, The real life story of a middle-class family, known as the Bad, is shown on comedy television series.

Krishna and Balchi Dhurbe plan to organize a cultural program in their own village in a way that will not be commissioned, and after the two have a disagreement over placing a photo on a banner, Balchi said. Various attempts are made to stop the program, even if Raju Master Krishna is made the chief guest, Dolma is made the chief guest after paying one rupee more, Krishna beats Raju Master and then changes the format of the program, making Krishna the chief guest.

In order to keep your body away from fatigue and add new vigor and energy to your tongue, you need recreational entertainment. Humorous television programs are lightly entertaining, with the aim of making life easier for people with problems and stress through entertainment. It is found that the famous artists have acted, the works taking place in the society have been made in a satirical style.

It is shown in light fun by depicting the human suffering in their village and human language. Balchi is a character who earns his living by doing simple fishing work in a village. Sitting in the village, they fall in love with the girls. Balchi, who considers himself great, wants to take a leading position in everything.

Raju Master, who is known as a gentleman of the village, is looking for a way to fill his pockets by working as a middleman who has come from abroad, working for people with money. The masters are engaged in bargaining for money, taking even strangers in their hands for money. In order to earn money, he is actively playing his role to bring people here and there.

Coming to market from Balchhi Dhurbe YouTube channel, this comedy TV series has managed to release 124 episodes, with the support of a very large team in its production. Production: Mediahub, Production Advisor: Som Dhital , Graphics: suvas Pokharel, script writer: marichaman Shrestha, Raju paudel, Music: Bipin acharya, Camera: Rahul Rai, Ghanshyam Pokharel, vocal: Rajesh payal Rai, Artist: Raju paudel, marichaman Shrestha, sarada giri, krishna shiwakoti, anita Basnet , kamala Regmi, ishu karki, ujwal khaDaka, sabina acharya, sabina giri, shyam rai, krishna urab, nirmala acharya, Raju karki

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