In the shooting of Viral Ram Pariyar’s first song, Ram Pariyar himself became a hero.

Ram Pariyar, who has been singing since he was a child, came to Kathmandu with the dream of becoming a singer. For the first time, he sang Jamuna Rana’s song. In the first song he sang, he became a model himself.  He said that he was gradually learning as he did not know that he had to give interviews.

Rana said that even when he was in India, he encouraged his brother to get involved in music. He said that he was saddened by his family’s inability to get involved in music.  She said it was too late.  Jamuna Pariyar said that when she went to a program in India, her brother sang a song and when her song became popular, she asked him to come to Nepal and get involved in music.  People with the same face, manners, virtues, culture are found all over the world, there is a fact that even a scientific person can have up to 7 people with the same face.  After his voice went viral, most people have said that he has a voice like that of Swar Samrat Raju Pariyar.

Ram Bahadur Pariyar, who is struggling in India, came to Nepal to enter the field of art.  The National Folk Dance Institute that Secretary Jamuna Rana brought to Nepal from India, her ability to do well in the singing genre, and having a voice like that of Swar Samrat Raju Pariyar, can make Rana a good person like you in song music, you get a good market.  Yes, Ram, who was brought to Kathmandu, says that he will help.

When Ram Pariyar and Jamuna Rana met at a program in Delhi four years ago today, Ram says that he could not come to Kathmandu due to various problems.  After coming to Kathmandu, she said that it was very viral when a man asked her to sing a song and put it on a ticket.  Ram, who has been singing since he was a child, says that his father got married after his mother passed away.

Although he likes folk songs from the beginning, he says that since he is in India, he sometimes sings Hindi songs in programs and he likes Nepali language culture very much.  While singing Nepali songs, many people said to themselves, you have such a good voice, you go to Nepal and fight, even though the words come from everyone, at first it was not so much, he later came to Nepal after meeting Jamuna Rana.  Explains  While in the village, he said that he was very happy after a sophisticated spectator liked the song sung by a sir.

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