Current Situation of Fast track

The Nepal Army has stated that the work of the Kathmandu Terai Fast Track of National Pride has been started with the aim of completing it on time. The Military Public Relations Directorate has made public the progress details and stated that the work has been expedited despite the problems of covid 19

According to the directorate, Rs. 16.66 billion has been spent on the project so far. It is also stated that the work of the project is going on in the sixth phase. So far, the overall progress has been 16.21 percent, according to the army. Annual physical progress is 42.85 and financial progress is 52.80.
As per the details, the consultant for the tunnel construction work has been selected and the work has already started. The army has stated that the proposal related to the construction of the bridge is under evaluation. The army has stated that the construction of the access road of the project is the first priority.
It is mentioned in the statement that the compensation distribution work of the project has been completed 84 percent. According to the army, land acquisition has been hampered due to local disputes in the Khokana area. It is also stated that necessary coordination and initiative is being taken for land acquisition.
A budget of Rs. 8.93 billion has been allocated for the project in the current year, both capital and current. According to the overall action plan of the expressway, the project area has been divided into 11 clusters. The target is to complete the work by FY 2080/81. However, the army has stated that the completion of the project on time has been challenged due to Kovid. It is mentioned in the statement that the work as per the target has also been affected.

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