Cybercrime and laws in Nepal Tech Arena. episode 2

With the increase in the use of internet in Nepal, cyber crime activity has also increased. Negative things have started to develop among the people.  There was no choice but to do it. People started doing bad activities at home. During this time, people were not allowed to do any other activities.  He was just as active working.

Post a photo on a social network using an electronic device without asking, abusing someone, teasing, cheating, doing something against the will of others, hacking a bank server, threatening, humiliating, posting various things on the internet by making video calls, by blackmail.  The act of extorting money, hacking into someone else’s Facebook ID, emoji, whatsapp, viber, etc. is called cyber crime. Bad activities on social media can lead to depression.  This is how people are trapped.

Posting lies on social media is also a cyber crime. People use social media to spend their free time. They fall behind when they don’t have good experience and knowledge. Most of the people spend most of their time on social media.  There is a lot of money being made on the net and some people are falling prey to scams.

There are 8 to 32 cases of cyber crime being registered in Nepal every day in recent times. Most of the people involved in such activities are people between the ages of 14-35 years.  It seems that people have done wrong things every second. Their records remain the same. As the number of internet users has increased, so has the number of criminal incidents are increasing.

In order to reduce such incidents, it is necessary to start from 0 point. Even if people have technology in their hands, lack of knowledge forces them to misuse it.  If anyone is found to have misused a fake ID, they can be imprisoned for 1-5 years. Most of the educated people are involved in such bad deeds.  Hacking is also a cyber crime. Thus, it is a cyber crime to put someone on a social network using an electronic device against the wishes of others.

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