Dance champion. Episode 22. Choreography..Niruta singh, Aashma Bishwokarma..Dipendra, Binu, Almoda

There are 8 contestants in the daily competition episode 19, out of which 4 will present their presentations in today’s episode. Out of which, in today’s episode, the best 8 have been found by the regular champion. Niruta Singh and Asma Biswakarma are the judges of today’s daily competition. This plate form has given an opportunity to the artists in the field.

Choreographer Dipendra Sah Thakuri is the new guest while singer, creator Almoda Rana and Baby Nityakar Binu Sakya are the main guests. Many villages will work to bring out and refine the hidden art of the artist. Regular competition will take the art inside people to new heights. There are 8 best contestants in the episode along with 4 choreographers.

Rosen Biswakarma, the first of four geniographers, has gained experience working on everything from movies to music videos. He has also taught work to many by collaborating with various schools. Sajang Tamang who has even opened his own studio has given his life to Nitya. He has also been the winner of many music videos and season two. Number three is Yumi Balami. She has worked as a choreographer on Dance Star since she was a child, showing her talent in television and other places. Beast Best Brother is a group of three of them. He has become the second runner-up of world dance league. They have gained a lot of work experience by working in the country and abroad.

Osr reality dance competition has started in Nepal. In which people involved in the field of artistry will benefit a lot. Lately, people involved in the field of art have played an important role in bringing out their hidden talents. The talent hidden in the village house has got a good plate form. The artist who has not been able to bring out his talent by struggling in life has got a very good field. In life, people continue their journey through various struggles. Dance is also a suitable way for people to deal with various pains and sufferings in their lives. According to the Nepali culture, people used to dance in various pleasure programs, but lately, they have started doing business.

After the closure of Mundre’s comedy club, Phulende’s mother and father started to run the program together. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. The program is started by a man who has climbed a new stage by playing with various sorrows in his life. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; It has been an opportunity for artists who have not been able to show their talents since they were young. They have shown that people can cope with any situation as soon as they see a way.

It is one thing for a person to win or lose after going to the playground, but it is another thing for him to learn something new by showing his talent. People have different kinds of interests. Due to which man spends his every moment struggling. The best three competitors in the two-time champion competition have been promoted. Similarly, choosing from many participants, moving forward, people fall behind in small mistakes. In our society, people used to look down on the dancers with a bad eye, but now with the change of mindset of some people, the interest towards dance competition has started to increase.

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