Dari Ba from Meri Bassai got married

Artists Dari Ba and Melina Thakuri, who have been struggling in the field of Nepali art for a long time, have tied the knot in the temple of Nagarjuna. Meri Bassai’s famous actors Dari Ba and Melina have said that they are eager to hear the audience’s reaction when an old man remarries and moves forward with his life. Dari Ba has said that he is happy that he has been able to show his art in many fields from movies, music videos, serials, street plays.

Adhikari, who has been continuously present in Nepali Kalakarita field till now, has given his acting in one movie after another, in a fair manner. People’s lives also run on a screen, Dari Ba, who spent his life in the Kalakarita area, has remained in the hearts of many Nepali viewers. He said that he made his name by joining the Kalakarita area from the beginning.

He said that it is difficult for people to live alone and to make it easy and simple, people need the help of a life partner. Although he is younger, he has said that he feels old because he is acting like an old man. The scenes before and after the marriage are shown in the serial. Dari Ba has said that when Yash was going to get married before, even though his children stopped him, this time he got married without any hindrance. They said that Meri Bassai is very interesting because it has been advanced in terms of generational transfer.

Dari Ba says that even now, tears come to his eyes when he remembers the struggles he has faced in his life. Having been able to show his talent by going to different areas, Kazi is still continuing his journey. He said that he will play the role of the poor at many places in the movie, and that the officer has faced a lot of hardships in his life. He said that the digital world is different now that technology has not developed so much before.

From many dramas and comedy teleserials, Adhikar who has presented his art in the film industry is now very much in the limelight. He said that he has struggled a lot in his life and remembering the moments of going to the shooting in the early days, he still cannot hold back the tears in his eyes. He said that he still remembers the moment when others took him to the hospital when his mother was sick, when he came back from the shooting, after the doctor recognized him, he said, “You are black, go to your own area, I will save your mother.”

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