daughters should be considered equal to sons in a society:”ansha malai deu”

While launching the song “Ansh Malai Deu” starring Usha Upreti and Geeta Dhungana, who is struggling in the field of Nepali music, is shown in this song giving a message to his children that they should behave equally. She also said that she brought the music video to the market to convey the message that daughters should be considered equal to sons in a society that considers sons as the greatest.

The music video of singer Kamala Thapa’s new song ‘Ansh Magn Deu’ has been released. On Monday, the video of the song became public on the OSR Digital YouTube channel. Singer Kamala Thapa has a melodious voice in the song with lyrics, music, and arrangement by Babul Giri. It is recognized in the song that it is okay for the son to do whatever he does, but society should be reformed if the daughter is left out. It is shown in the song that trying to marry off the daughter before her age but giving her a good education.

While society is getting educated, even though the negative things inside the mind of some people are changing, the habits of some people are still the same. The belief that children should be treated equally in society is shown in the song. Directed by director Michael Chand, the video features models Usha Upreti and Geeta Dhungana. Along with Usha and Geeta, Kamala Thapa, Narayan Thapa, Beg Bahadur Karki, Deepa Karki, Sundar Karki, and Sejan Karki are also acting. The video shot by Navraj Upreti has been edited by Shilan Lamsal.

Michael Chand, who has been directing one hit video after another, has said that he has worked on a new concept in this video. He is hopeful that the audience will love the video ‘Ansh Magn Deu’. In the video, the message is given that sons and daughters are equal. The story of the video is presented in a funny style saying that the daughter should also get the same share as the son, instead of getting married and keeping her husband in the family.

Geeta has said that even though she was very afraid when the controversy came, now she is strong and will not resolve the differences that people bring. Geeta has said that she does not accept the bad expressions given by some people in the society where she works well. Usha has said that after some time after she has advanced in the field of acting, she will appear in a good movie when she gets an offer. Usha has said that due to the lockdown, there have been many changes in her body, and since the shooting was in a high place, she felt very uncomfortable.

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