Dayashng Rai and Alisha Rai (comedy love story) .. Nepali movie .. Loot 2

There is no such thing as a story in a person’s life. It is said that a life without a story has no meaning. People live their lives in different ways.  Everything is needed. Man has struggled equally in all areas of his life. No life is incomplete without love. The world is bound by the rope of love.  Life is unimaginable. Everything in the world is attracted to each other.

With the development of human civilization, new technologies are coming into the world. The ways of life of any creature are changing. The world has survived by sticking to each other.  Survival of the fittest. The process of living as a support when one is in trouble is the beginning of human life. Human beings have a different kind of love.  Which is making human civilization more profound.

Man’s way of life varies. Some live in the open air, some live by the rule of law. Human civilization and society are being built by trusting each other.  A person can’t do anything even if he wants to. He can cope with any situation as if he is backed up. Happiness, sorrow, laughter, happiness and anxiety are common in human life. Humans use their tongue in their own way.

It is common for people in love to be happy in small things and to be angry in small things. Because of this, their daily routine is full of laughter, jokes and fun.  People who are in love with Maya start their life with a happy relationship and move forward with happiness. They are also found to be divided due to differences between them. What people experience in life determines their future in the right direction.

Couples in love are blind from all walks of life. In human life, the work done by others also creates a different atmosphere, said his brother, talking to the organizing team.  As a result, consumers who are not weakened are more likely to commit to a new way of life in the future. Only they know the inner secret of where and how human life goes.  Belief in what is not there is a breath of fresh air.

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