Declaration of three young people who oppose Deuba.

Today’s people want to know, the program presenter Rishi Dhamala debated with three young people who opposed the Prime Minister’s program. When there is trouble in the country, then civic leaders, people who love the nation come to the streets. The youth said that when there is a national strike in the country, then the youth come to the streets and fight. As the country cannot be exchanged for money, the youth said that they do not see Nepal as anyone’s slave.

At the time when the people are upset with the Nepalese politics, the people are constantly raising their voices against the bad work of the government, but the people’s struggle is limited to the police and the government does not reach the Prime Minister. Three disabled youths, Som Sarma, Arjun Paudel and Biplab Khadka, escaped after spending a night in police custody. They said that they would be embarrassed by the Prime Minister’s program, while the country was being looted and empty while they were closed, they continued to fight for the nation despite losing their lives. They said they are fighting. He said that they will fight continuously when anti-national plans come in the country.

He said that they could not remain silent at a time when the contribution of great personalities who became martyrs for the nation and the nation were being mocked. He said that even if he protested in the program today, he will also go to Singhdarbar and Baluwatar tomorrow to protest. The Nepalese people raised their voices freely in various places of the country, saying that the leaders who are against the wishes of the people, are making a deal to kill the nation at the behest of foreigners. They have said that they raised their voice in front of the Prime Minister that they should oppose the bad work in his program.

The young people said that even though the MCC was brought in for the selfishness of a limited leader against the wishes of the people in Nepal, when the people and the patriots of the people are heating up from the house to the streets, the youth said that no skill was needed. Now they have said that there is a conspiracy to bring SSP to Nepal and, at the same time, after the Citizenship Bill is passed in India, that decision should be rejected and they have raised their voice by bringing it directly to the Prime Minister.

Now, there is protest and praise in the social network of those young people, even though every person should have the right to speak to the Prime Minister, Nepali people should not be able to meet the Prime Minister and foreigners should be able to meet directly. He said that he raised his voice. He said that such plans should be stopped as they will mislead the people and keep doing the opposite things overnight. He said that even though they had planned to protest as a group, one person was missing.

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