Deepa and Jeetu lost their temper and are now preparing to work together

With the appearance of the second variant of Covid 19, the second phase of woodcutting is about to take place in Nepal. Some families are struggling with hunger because of the fire. In this time of crisis, honorable people from different fields have been providing financial and ration assistance as much as they can. Similarly, some actors in the film industry are also fulfilling their religion.

Comedian Nirmal Sharma, artist and producer Deepa Shree Niraula and comedian Jeetu Nepal are also busy distributing relief. During the relief distribution, a pleasant conversation has been held with these three artists about Lakdaun. Also, the feud between Deepa Shree and Jeetu Nepal a few months ago has now subsided. The old relationship between the two has been re-established.

Comedian Nirmal Sharma continues to help those in trouble due to Corona. This is how his daily life is going. She also does household chores at home. He says that he used to walk in the morning and evening, wash the dishes and water the flowers.

The daily routine of actress and producer Deep Shree is also limited inside the house. Last year, Lipa was very active on social media. During the second lockdown, Deepa did not give an interview to the media. But on social media, she says she seems to be active. He exercises in the morning and does yoga. She watches movies and reads books in the afternoon. He said that he used to go to the roof of the house in the evening and talk to the neighbors.

Comedian Jeetu Nepal, on the other hand, says that he has been spending his time watching the Buddha serial. He also said that he used to wash the dishes at home. At other times, Jeetu, who comes out of the house dressed in a coat point for work, says that he likes to get ready and go to work from time to time. He used to go to the roof of the house wearing tie coat pants and change his clothes again. At the same time, they have been watching Buddha serials based on Buddha’s biography. He plans to make sure that all parts of this lockdown are completed. Jeetu says that when he found out that his acquaintance was a coward, he talked to everyone and talked to them.

There was some controversy between Jeetu and Deepa due to Mundre’s comedy Soka. But Deepa and Jeetu consider themselves a family. Deepa says that the love between the family will not diminish no matter how much there is misunderstanding. Deepa says that such small quarrels have made them love each other even more. Mundre has not made any immediate plans for the comedy show. He said that he did not want to take this rickshaw as the panic caused by Corona has increased. He says that if the new variants of Corona are increasing, their work will be postponed for another year.

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