Deepak Manange playing with political parties

In today’s time cycle, how Deepak Manange alone plays the political party, and what his personal access power is shown.  Even though there are still 40 days left for November 4th, Deepak Manang has won by playing a new role.  Rajeev Gurung aka Deepak Manang, who was admitted to the state assembly only a year after winning the election, has not only remained in the limelight but has become decisive in the game of forming and overthrowing the state government of Gandaki.  He won by forcing his rival Dorje Himaiti to withdraw his candidature.

Manange, who came from a gangster background, ran as an independent candidate in Manang (B) in 2074.  After being supported by the UML, he was elected as a member of the Provincial Assembly after defeating Karma Gurung of Congress. In the last one and a half years, he became the Youth and Sports Minister of both the CPN-UML and Nepali Congress-led governments.  Manange Gandaki, who has been in controversy even after becoming a minister, has been elected unopposed as a member of the state assembly.

Elsewhere, the Congress and UMA, which had formed an alliance, decided to support Manange rather than fielding their own candidates.  Manange initially said that he would support the ruling coalition, but on the day of nomination registration, Manange left the coalition and ran as an independent candidate.  According to the election officer’s office, Dorje Lama Gurung ran as an independent candidate along with Manange.  But by forcing him to withdraw his candidacy, Manange was not only unopposed, he became the first MP to be elected in the 2079 state and House of Representatives elections.

UML also has its own argument that it won with its own support and supported Manange who brought down his own government even when he was made a minister.  When Manang took oath as a member of the Provincial Assembly in 2075, he used the same strategy.  Although he won as a member of the state assembly, he could not take the oath due to the decision of the Supreme Court in an old case related to the killing industry.

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