Defeating Deuba is not a big deal, I will be the world’s youngest prime minister: Sagar Dhakal

In today’s Lalmohar program, there was a special debate with the program presenter Ramesh Prasain, Sagar Dhakal, who is expected to become the youngest Prime Minister of the country by being elected as an independent, about the development of the country, his contribution to the country and the basis for being elected.  Sagar Dhakal, who has been raising the voice that the country’s executive person or prime minister should be a “young” educated visionary from a young age, had a meeting with Sher Bahadur Deuba, who was then prime minister, in the 500th episode of Common Question that was broadcast on July 17, 2017.

The Sagar Dhakal question in the common question received a lot of discussion in the social network, which has made Sagar Dhakal contest the elections from Dadeldhura.  Tikaram Yatri has had a special debate with Prime Minister Sir Bahadur Deuba and Sagar Dhakal, who is thinking of making the best person under 40 years of age to be the prime minister in his constituency.

He has campaigned that people under the age of 40 should be allowed to become the prime minister in Nepal and now he has said that he will also run for the prime minister. Following the advice of experts, Dhakal has made a plan to select the majority of candidates under the age of 40 in the next election and make only those under the age of 40 the prime minister.  He further said, ‘I have completed my Masters from Oxford, I have worked as an international engineer in 8/10 countries in the fields of waste management, water supply, and hydropower, and I have traveled to 20 countries.

Sagar has said that Ravi and Lingden of the father’s generation should include all the independent youth and move forward, but should not appoint the Prime Minister.  A few days ago, Parivartka Samwahkah Abhiyan (Nepal Change Maker League) had a virtual discussion in Kathmandu about how to select independent and honest party leaders with independent ideology and clean image in the upcoming elections and help them win the elections.

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