Demonstration at Maitighar Mandal on the second day for the justice of Paul Sah

Paul Sah, who has been in police custody for 96 days after being remanded in custody and remanded in custody for several days, has been remanded to Pokhara High Court on June 3 for a hearing. The order has been issued. Earlier, the district court in Tanahu and Nawalpur had remanded Paul Sah in custody for trial. Following the High Court’s decision in the district court, Paul Sah’s fans have become more involved in street protests, saying that not only the heroes of the movie, but also the heroes of the people of the country are trapped, but the traitorous corrupt people are roaming around. Have been engaged in continuous street demonstrations for days. He said that the participants in the demonstration had raised their voices for justice and believed that good people should not be imprisoned.

Women, children, victims, organizations opened in the name of the backward class, NGOs, INGOs, the rights activists in them, have been requested to work consciously in time. The jailer said that while Paul Sah was in prison, his health condition was normal and he was always a fan of his relatives. He said that he used to meet 5-6 people in a day. He said that after the Pokhara High Court ordered Sah to be sent to the court for reimbursement, it was up to the court to decide what he had sent and what the court would decide.

Paul Sah, who has been in prison for a long time, has been asked by the National and International House of Representatives to keep Paul Sah in jail. He is angry that he was imprisoned. The date of her trial has been postponed for a long time due to various reasons, which has led to delay in getting justice to Paul Sah. He said that after the case was weakened by the victim who had filed the complaint, Paul Sah came closer to justice.

He said that he would remain in jail till he was acquitted by both the courts. He said that after taking statements from both of them, the court would pronounce its verdict, Tanahu would take final statement and Nawalparasi would take final statement. According to Bhurna Bahadur, of the two courts, the one who gets the most sentence will get the same punishment. There is a legal provision to file a complaint within one year of the incident. According to the petition filed by the minor singer alleging rape, the protagonist Paul Sah, who was sent to jail for trial, has directed the Pokhara High Court against the order issued by the district court.

According to Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, Information Officer, Pokhara High Court, Sah has filed a petition in the High Court seeking release of the detainee in Tarif, dismissing the order of the District Court, Tanahu. After Paul Sah filed a case in Tanahu on March 26 alleging that he had repeatedly raped her, Sah went to the police on March 3 on the basis of a complaint. A bench of Justice Harris Chandra Dhungana on Thursday remanded Paul Sah in custody for trial while his manager Krishna Joshi, who was allegedly involved in the rape, was released on Rs 100,000 bail. Paul Sah is facing similar charges in two places, and if convicted, he will be sentenced by the same court, the lawmaker said.

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