Department has issued such information about Driving License

The government is preparing to reopen the trial of the driver’s license, which was closed after the government issued a restraining order. The Department of Transportation has been preparing to open the trial test of the license since the last week of August. The department is going to open the trial examination next Sunday after holding discussions with the subordinate offices.

The transport office had said that the trial could not be opened as the department had already prepared to open the trial of the license. The department is also preparing to open the trial after the recent examinations of schools and universities started in full swing. Millions of service users are waiting for the trial exam by applying online for various types of vehicles.

The government had opened the online system after the lockdown last year. The re-trial was discontinued after the second variant of the Corona became infected while those who applied for the trial through the online system took turns. This news is in today’s Rajdhani daily.

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