Deuba – Prime Minister for the fifth time

Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has become the Prime Minister of the country for the fifth time. Deuba has become the country’s chief executive for the fifth time after President Vidyadevi Bhandari appointed him as the prime minister in accordance with Article 76 of the Constitution of Nepal.

Born in 2003 BS in the Dadeldhura district of the far west, he started politics as a student. Deuba started his political journey in 2022 BS from the Far Western Students Union.

He then became a founding member and president of the Nepal Students Association. Deuba was repeatedly jailed for his anti-Panchayat politics. Similarly, during the reign of King Gyanendra Shah, he was accused of corruption and even then he was imprisoned for some time.

Deuba said in an introductory video posted on the House of Representatives’ website that he had spent nine years in jail several times in his political career. After the Jana Andolan of 2046 BS, Deuba was in the role of the political chief of the Nepali Congress Party in the far western region.

Deuba, who became an MP from Daleldhura in 2048 BS, became the Home Minister in the government led by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. After the mid-term elections in 2051, he became the leader of the main opposition party in parliament.

He became the first prime minister of a coalition government after the fall of a minority government led by UML leader Manmohan Adhikari in 1952 BS.

At that time, there were some incidents in the parliamentary system of Nepal, including the much-criticized ‘Sura-Sundari scandal’. He is also remembered by many as the first person in Nepal’s history to form a cabinet with the largest number of ministers.

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