Deusibhailo of Indreni in Baneshwar with the team of Mahapurus

Indreni and TASA director Krishna Kadel’s team of the program, which is popular with millions of Nepalese viewers abroad, have enjoyed playing Deusivilo in Baneshwar with the team of the upcoming movie “Mahapurush”.  On the occasion of Tihar, the great festival of Hindus, the Indreni team wished the Mahapurus team well in the blessing program by playing Deusi Vaili.
Veterans and new artists of the Mahapurus team played Deusi with the Indreni team.  In the Indreni program broadcast by Himalaya Television, Indreni, located in Buddha Nagar Kathmandu, presents programs from various places in the country including its own studio, where the slogan is to respect the old and encourage the new.
He joins in the field of entertainment along with laughter and gives a message of public awareness to society with his talent.  The Indreni program is a program that continues to advance its journey to preserve culture and traditions.  The rainbow program that has been awakening people has become like a temple.
Being a talented charioteer of the Nepali people, he is a great person who helps poor people by reaching out to their homes.  Communication has been made.  He said that even though the shooting of the movie started from Jhapa, the movie finished from Jhapa and presented new and old actors in a fun way.
The trailer of the movie, starring Harivansh Acharya and Gauri Malla in the lead roles, has become very touching and attractive, covering everything from the struggle of a single father to raise children to the impact of a father’s love on his son’s life at an old age.  Harivansh Acharya, Gauri Malla, Arun Chhetri, Anjana Barailly, and Ravindra Singh Baniyan are the central characters in the trailer of the movie.

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