Dhamala has not been able to meet his family in Lockdown

Rishi Dhamala always considers himself as a reporter. He says he was born to be a reporter and
will live to be a reporter for the rest of his life. In the world of Nepali journalism, Rishi Dhamala
is a person with a different identity. He is considered to be one of the strongest journalists in the
political arena. He has opened the Reporters Club himself. Every Nepali may not be different
from what he knows.

Today we are going to talk about how the daily routine of journalist Rishi Dhamala is going on
in the second phase of Kovid 19 in Nepal. According to Dhamla, only a few people have been
found to be active lately. He says that he is always ready for reporting. The reporter should give
accurate information to the public by reporting in every situation. This is his religion. Dhamala
says that the Nepali people are in a lot of pain these days. He said that various movements and
natural calamities had taken place in the country but the current situation was very
uncomfortable. Corona’s condition has not been treated even while she is recovering. Everyone
knows that a patient dies if he does not get treatment and he is not in a condition to get treatment.
He said that such a difficult and uncomfortable situation could not happen to the Nepali people.
Lately, with the corona infection in Nepal, the pressure of patients in the hospital has been
increasing. Hospitals have very limited resources. Patients are dying due to lack of ICU
ventilator. But Dhamala says that he has not been able to manage even the limited resources
available. He said that government, private and non-government hospitals and the government
could not manage it.

He has criticized Prime Minister Oli. With the rise of corona infection, many countries in the
world are helping India. But he says the prime minister of our country has not been able to help.
While the world’s attention has been drawn to the growing corona infection in India, the
Nepalese government has not been able to appeal for help. Therefore, he has criticized the Prime
Minister and Foreign Minister Pradip Gyawali for his weakness. Bhattabhat, a Nepali national,
has been cremated after his death. He says that he feels very bad about this situation.
All the while he is walking around reporting about Corona. He has stayed away from his family
for fear of infecting the people of the house while walking in this way. He says that even if he
walks safely, he is forced to keep his children away from him for fear of spreading the infection

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