Dharan Mayor Hark Sampang was found throwing stones at a laborer

Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, has been in a frenzy at the executive committee meeting. It seems that the nature of work needs to be created. After a heated exchange between the leaders and activists at the executive meeting, Mayor Hark ordered everyone to work for the people.

Mayor Hark Sampang said that by finding water sources, bringing his people, breaking stones with himself and distributing water to the consumers, intimacy would also increase when everyone was together on the same label. He said that even though he had to go to jail for trying to bring out such information, now he can get information on what he does not know.

Earlier, he had to pay a large amount of electricity bill for other things, but he said that he would develop Dharan by saving unnecessary expenses. Hark Sampang, who wants to be the first to warn about the water problem in Dharan Metropolitan City, has been searching for more wells while repairing the old ones. Soaking in the seasonal rain with a motorcyclist, they reached Khaire Khola on Sunday with the aim of providing clean drinking water to the people of Dharan. He said that when everyone works together, there will be development for everyone to work with entertainment.

Sampang, who set out in search of a water source 15 km above Dharan, said he found a better source than he thought. He said that he will continue to struggle for the solution of the problems of the people of Dharan. Sampang, now 39, of Dharan-18, is a political science graduate who has traveled to Iraq for foreign employment. He said that Hark Sampang would take his salary allowance in full and if he spent more than one rupee, he would hit himself with his shoes and leave Dharana the next day and go away forever. After the mayor of Dharan sub-municipality, Kusi Samale, while respecting him, he hugged the donor and cried.

He also requested the journalists who provide information through the eyes and ears of the citizens to give free and true information to themselves and the general public, to give advice on wrong and right actions. After becoming the mayor of Hark, he started his work by solving the most common water problem in Dharan Basi by reaching the water source. Due to his work, he is now getting a lot of discussion from Nepali citizens in the country and abroad. Hark, who ran for mayor with independent candidates from the so-called big parties, always fought together for the welfare of the people of Dharan. He never misused the power he had, and was constantly at the forefront of society and social work. Once people reach power, their way of life changes, which the people do not like at all.

As the charioteer of Dharan Basi, even as the mayor, he is leading his life in the old way. Many people have changed their lives since the day they were sworn in, even after winning the ODA seat, but even after winning the Hark Mayor, they are still traveling in autos, saying they have only reached their full potential and have not improved their finances. He said that he was always working in the field because he was for the service of the people. He said that he would never abuse his power no matter what he did. He said that he will get service facility from the government, he will not feed the people by riding in a smooth vehicle. He said that he has become the mayor by spending one lakh rupees and will continue to live his life in the service of the people.

The basic needs of the people have not been met. As the people are suffering in all areas like drinking water, health and education, they have been provided with service facilities. He said that there are various distortions in the society and they are constantly working to reduce them. Leaders who have done politics in the region, marched in a triumphant procession when they won the election. “Now that the parties have developed the feeling that the people are the sheep and goats, they follow what the leader says, now is the time for the people to teach the parties the oath,” Hark said.

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