Dhiraj Magar, Aditi Budhathoki and Dhiraj Nadkar from Babri movie team in PLY show

Aditi is happy when the audience started liking the pair of Aditi and Dhiraj, who are new in the field of Nepali movies and music videos. Actor Dhiraj Magar, actress Aditi Budhathoki and Dhiraj Nadkar, who appeared on the PLY show for the promotion of the movie, had a special conversation about the movie and their contemporary life. Dhiraj Nadkar has said that he entered the Nepali film industry to fulfill his parents’ dreams.

Dhiraj has said that he wants to move forward in Nepali film industry according to the wishes of the audience. Aditi has said that she is very happy that the audience’s love and encouragement is getting good from all over the place. He tells that Dhiraj and Aditi, who are preparing for the movie Babri, which is about to hit the theaters, have a lot of love between them and the audience has also liked it. She said that Aditi K. Dhiraj is a very good person and even if sometimes something goes wrong in shooting or other work, she explains it well and teaches us how to do it.

Babri movie actors Aditi, Dhiraj Magar, Dhiraj Nadkar came to the media for movie promotion and entertained by showing their talent. He has said that the story is portrayed in a way that shows a social message and the reality of the events that happened in the village by acting as a village Qazi. He said that he is sure that the audience will like the movie as it is made according to the social environment. New and old actors are going to play important roles in the new movie.

In the trailer which was released after a press conference in the capital, the love battle for Aditi of two patiences has been presented. The second movie ‘Babri’ starring Dhiraj, who saw good prospects from the first movie, is releasing on October 14. The trailer released by the team of the film, which received good response from the public teaser and two songs, is garnering mixed response from the audience. Especially the character of Dhiraj, who entered the movie city with a chocolate face and sweet voice, is completely different in this movie.

Dhiraj even had to give a dummy in the press conference saying that it was my voice, since the release of the teaser, many people had mocked him for imitating the Kazi character of Dayahang Rai’s Kabaddi movie. He faced the same question at the trailer release event too, but Dhiraj’s answer won the hearts of many. The character I played is a representative character of Qazis seen in every village, perhaps the Qazis in the village are not like my real character. In the movie directed by Surendra Poudel, Dhiraj will be paired with actress Aditi Budhathoki, the production team has said that the movie “Babri” will win the hearts of the audience.

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