Dhobikhola corridor construction latest update Rudramati Rever corridor constraction latest news

Some time ago, the garbage dumps of Kathmandu have been cleaned and tidied up.  After the construction of corridor in Dhobi river, cleaning of the surrounding areas, pitch road has been constructed and garbage has also been removed.  This work has been started by cleaning the Dhobikhola corridor and Rudramati river and making the side roads clean and tidy.

In Dhobikhola, 12 kilometers on one side, a total of 24 kilometers corridor is about to be constructed, now the final phase of work is about to be done.  As of today, 23 kilometers of roads have been blacktopped and other works are about to start.  He said that the road construction work has been started by controlling the river and now there is one kilometer of road construction work left.

He said that even though the houses in some places could not be removed, the work has been reduced.  He said that 9 meters of road could not be opened in Budhanilkantha Kafan as there was a problem of landslide in 600 meters of road.  He said that the team is working to resolve the issue and complete the Dhobi Khola as soon as possible.

He said that the project, which was earlier being operated by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has been operating from the Kathmandu Development Valley Authority since 2067-68 BS.  Although it was initially planned up to Gopikrishna Hall in Chabel, it was later extended to Budhanilkantha.  He said that in some places the sewers were mixed in the river but in many places the sewers were managed.

According to the engineer who has already spent Rs 3.20 billion, some of the people have run out of property and are working to make the Dhobi Khola corridor more manageable.  “We want to make it manageable, not to dump garbage in the river, to save cash plants, and to make it a livable place,” said Engineer Kuwar.  Are

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