Dhurmus – Santali’s dream will be fulfilled by the government, government taking ownership.

The Dhurmus Santali Foundation is constructing the Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium in Bharatpur, Chitwan. The rest of the work will be completed in collaboration with the local, state and federal governments. The federal government has already allocated Rs 22 crore 50 lakh for the next eight years after the work was halted due to lack of funds. The state government has also allocated budget. Bagmati Pradesh has also allocated Rs 5 crore for the coming year. The Bharatpur Municipal Corporation had also committed to allocate funds for the construction of the stadium every year. The foundation raised its hand and said that it could not repay the loan of Rs. 17 crore required for the construction of the stadium. It is said that Rs 54 crore has been spent for the construction of the stadium.

In order to help the well-being of the people, including his family, in the crisis situation of Nepal, Dhurmus Santali Foundation was continuously opened to work for the public interest. The duo, who produce a Nepali comedian comedy TV series, seem to be equally proactive in social work. The duo has also done an exemplary job for Nepal in the field of Nepali art, doing various exemplary works in Nepal and entertaining the public by keeping their art in the public eye. Has done exemplary work.

Being in the forefront of helping the people in their happiness and sorrow, Nepali social workers have protected the lives and property of the people, various organizations have been set up to deal with the problems of the people. Bela had set up a beautiful settlement with the help of the people, the work of which has not been done by the government till now. The construction of 53 houses and handing over to the earthquake victims was an exemplary work. It was also the first exemplary work from the Dhurmas Santali Foundation, at a cost of about 50 million rupees. However, as he had accumulated Rs. This foundation, which has been working on various issues of the country, had to face some differences.

He stopped collecting money from the people saying that it is not possible to paint the Veer Hospital by taking money from the people. His journey continued despite various allegations in connection with his work. After cleaning the Veer Hospital in 2075 BS, the couple immediately left for Chitwan. In Chitwan, they decided to take steps to build an international level sports stadium. A budget of around Rs 3 billion was prepared for the construction of this stadium. Hikmat Nahari stepped forward, but even after the lockdown, the assistance had stopped coming. In the meanwhile, there was a situation where hands had to be raised, while working, the donors could not pay the agreed amount. The support from home and abroad could not be raised due to Korna, then it became very difficult to work after adding more debt while working.

About Rs 380 million was raised from the people, from which he started his work. After spending about Rs 540 million while working, he went into debt of Rs 160 million. With all the money left to work, he is finding it difficult to work. It was not a small amount of money from the people to do so much, and also because of Korna, he was not able to raise such amount. He had to seek help from the government when it was difficult to save money. He had no other choice but to leave 35 percent of the work unattended. He was worried about how to do the job. He had asked for Rs 500 million from the government and if he got the money, he thought it would be easier to work immediately, but it did not materialize.

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