Diamond year planet, which is the coldest planet in the solar system.

The planet Varun is also considered to be the last planet in the solar system. Because the planet Yama has recently been removed from the status of a planet in the solar system. In terms of size, Varun is considered to be the third largest planet in the Solar System. This is the year of diamonds on the planet.

This planet cannot be seen with the naked eye. That is why our ancestors did not know about this planet. It is also very difficult to study it from the earth through a telescope. Varun is a planet whose existence was predicted during its study without being found. When the great scientist Galileo Galilei began to look at space through his telescope, he began to draw pictures of planets and stars. Galileo Gasali tried to give information about the planets by making points. But he presented the planet Varun as a star.

Galileo Galilei was not considered the discoverer of the planet Varun. In 1821, Khaleksis Govard published a theoretical table on the orbit of the planet Varun. But when it was observed, there were many differences in the calculation of the orbit of the planet Varun. When John Couch-Edison studied Uranus’ orbit in 1843, he discovered that there was another planet. In 1845, Uranus Bheri, while studying Uranus Orbit, reported that Uranus Orbit was surrounded by other planets.

After so many possibilities, scientists thought that there must be something beyond Uranus. But many did not know what it was. As the study progressed, scientists there discovered the eighth planet in the Solar System on September 23, 1846. But scientists around the world have debated who should be credited with discovering the planet Varun. In the end, two people were credited with discovering it.

The planet was named Neptune after the Roman sea god. But what is surprising is that Hinduism had long ago named the planet Varuna. Varuna means water god.

Like other planets, it has a spherical shape. So far, five rings of this planet have been found. This planet is very dim and thin. So far, only one mission has been sent to the planet Varun. The mission has sent many pictures of the planet Varun. There was a picture of a black spot. It was a storm that was bigger than Nepal.
This planet is the coldest planet in the solar system. Varun is a giant planet made of gas. The planet is about 4.5 billion kilometers from the sun. This has been the year of diamonds on the planet.

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