Dinesh DC gave sympathy to Pal Shah but why didn’t he go with Pooja Sharma and Sudarshan Thapa?

Krishna Prasad Joshi alias Krishna Joshi, the manager of Pal Shah, has been arrested. The District Police Office, Tanahu has arrested Joshi on the charge of acting as a puppet for Shah.

Joshi, who was arrested from Tanahu on Friday, has been produced in court by the police. The district court in Tanahu has given the police seven days to keep him in custody for investigation.

Police said that Joshi was arrested for trying to destroy the evidence of the incident, threatening the minor up to that point and appearing to be involved in manipulating the adult and committing adultery.

Shah, who went underground for four days after the complaint was registered, alleged that a conspiracy was hatched to trap him and that Joshi was also involved in the conspiracy. Shah had made the allegation to Joshi by releasing six audios while he was in hiding. However, during the investigation, the police found evidence that Joshi had acted as a puppet for Shah, and took him under control for further investigation, said a police source.

Immediately after Paul’s allegation, Joshi claimed in an interview on some YouTube channels that they had conspired with the minor to seduce Pal Shah and that Durgesh Thapa and others had also plotted against Shah.

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