Dinthe Mutu Jhiki by Nishan Bhattarai & Bishnu Majhi | Ft. Paul Shah & Aliza Gautam

The music video starring hero Pal Shah and heroine Elijah Gautam has been made public. Pawan Oli’s words and music can be heard in the public song ‘Dinthe Mutu Zhiki’.

The voices are by Nissan Bhattarai and Bishnu Majhi. Singer and musician Oli has already released songs including Butwal Bus Park Pardeshko Bas in the market. The public song is arranged by Ashis Aviral.

The song, directed and choreographed by Shiv Bik, is directed by Arjun Tiwari. The music video features Suresh Kafle’s drone, Bimala Tamang’s make-up, Milan Biswakarma’s editing and Padam Subedi’s graphics.

The public song from Pawan Oli Official has managed to be trending on YouTube at this time.

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