Dipanjali and Luniva’s love story, mero euta sathi chha S 3 EP 5

I have a friend who started the show together at the beginning of season 3, episode 5.  Artist Luniva Tuladhar and Dipanjali Lama Sah are presented in a sweet way in a friend of mine.  She said that although Luniva was like Howie, Dipanjali had the opportunity to understand people with patience.  Surprise guests at the event were Asim Sah, three artists, who were friendly and close friends with each other.  As a result, their steps were becoming more and more successful.

He said that they are close to each other emotionally, even though they have been living in different places while working.  Are  Friends become each other’s charioteers to talk to people in happiness and sorrow.  There is a struggle in human life, which is connected to the intimacy between people.  People can never live alone, so they need each other to talk to each other in the right way, to have the necessary friends.

Man is the supreme being, man alone can do nothing.  He needs each other’s support to calm his mind by sharing various things in his life.  People need a friend to share their thoughts in their language rather than their parents. In human language, friendship is needed to make life easier for each other.  A friend is a friend who can easily keep the joys and sorrows in his heart.  People share their joys and sorrows with their family, some things cannot be shared with their family, sharing such things is only a friend.

A friend is a friend who touches the heart without any difference of opinion.  There is nothing hidden in a friend, friendship is a friendship that is ready to give one’s life for another. Man needs a friend from birth to death, because of which man acquires all kinds of experience and knowledge.  Life without a friend is incomplete in a person’s life, which teaches a person to live.  Unable to share their birth at home with their parents, things are usually shared with friends.

Human life is full of struggles, which are often accompanied by friends. Friends are an important part of human beings.  People move forward struggling with different aspects of life, making people feel different.  They praised each other very much and talked with laughter.  He says that he is happiest to be with his mother in his life.  As his family is large, his family members say that he has more friends.

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