Dipendra Kandel claims that Oli is not an alternative to other party leaders

Public innovator Dipendra Kandel said that the election was just a play by Prime Minister Oli and the President. Oli was due to take a vote of confidence with in a month of becoming prime minister. However, neither party suggested that the corona infection be stopped. Similarly, the President had issued a statement to claim the post of Prime Minister within 21 hours. If you have taken this issue to the Supreme Court. The hearing took six months. Corona could have been prevented at that time. But neither party paid attention. On the contrary, they formed factions and ran away to claim the post of Prime Minister. Therefore, any leader of Nepal has become a leader for himself and not for Nepalis, says Dipendra.

Oli is now the Prime Minister, to some extent. However, he claimed that the situation in Nepal would have been worse if there had been leaders of other parties. He also said that it was wrong to give an opportunity to the leaders of both the parties to become the Prime Minister in an unconstitutional manner. He further added that once the Prime Minister loses his vote of confidence, it would be wrong for him to run for office again. When the Prime Minister violates the constitution, the Nepali Congress claims to be the prime minister and according to Article 76 (5) of the constitution, the leader of the parliamentary party who contested the first election cannot run for office. But Dipendra says that Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba made these two big mistakes.

He had said 10 months ago that the best and only way was to bring Mahanta Thakur’s group into the government. The candidacy for the post of Prime Minister was wrong. On top of that there were the wrong characters. Formerly unconstitutional, the characters were wrong. Subas Nemwang could have gone from the ruling party. Apart from Deuba, Prachanda and Upendra from the opposition, it would have been appropriate for Mahanta Thakur to be the leader of the parliamentary party.

While the President and the Prime Minister were giving 21 hours, there was a scuffle and he did not go to file the case. But in this case, the case can be filed for 6 months. That is why there is no leader in Nepal who sheds tears when someone dies, says Dipendra. According to the constitution, elections can be held in six months. But he says the date set for the election is unconstitutional.

According to Dipendra, there is no other alternative to KP Oli, adding that all Nepalis should support Oli alone. Leaders of other parties have said that they have never done a successful job and that it is not appropriate to give posts to other leaders. He said that the change of government in this situation would worsen the current situation and immediate change of government would be fatal.

He has also accused Oli of trying to remove him from the PM’s post as the corruption files of many leaders have started to open.

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