Direct abuse of team sidha kura, fear of camera to the manager of Karmath, rescue of three youths from Saudi

In Nepal, out of law and order, many organizations, in the name of power and authority, are kicking the common man in the stomach, hurting the people and depriving them of the services they are entitled to.  It is difficult to get the specified service facility. Karmath Security Company, located in Hani village of Kathmandu, is providing services through its company in different places.  The government has enacted the Labor Act, fixing the minimum wage for employees.

Under the Labor Act of the Government of Nepal, the law stipulates that the minimum wage of eight hours, the service facility to be received by the worker is openly written.  That is to say, the company has made its own constitution, after the government checks the constitution, after all the places have been fixed, the company has started providing its services.  They came to the media saying that their problem was not solved even when they reached the labor office.

When the team of presenter Birendra Jairu arrived at Karmath Company to discuss the grievances of the secretary workers, the managing director of the company, Bittu Gautam, said that he did not have time to speak now.  Fearing to speak further, an employee of the same company, who did not even reveal his identity, came and shouted at the team to talk to the public, saying, “You go out.”  He said that the report would not be presented in the program and it would be discussed later.

After finding no employment opportunities in Nepal, people choose to travel abroad to run their families.  When they do not get such service facility and job, when they do not listen to their grievances, they go to the media.  He had to come to Nepal after talking to the concerned parties, but without any response. He came in direct contact with the people. Bisnu Bahadur Bik also said that he works as a helper in a restaurant.  After not running, they came to Nepal in direct cooperation with the people.

The program started with the interest of the Nepali people, grievances, questions and their answers from the concerned parties, raising the voice of the people, raising the voice of different people.  Rabbi Lamechhane, who started his life in the United States, came to Nepal after giving up his green card saying that he would do something in his country.  Addressing the problems of the suffering people, the people concerned, in collaboration with the office, the rescue work of the Nepalis, Sidhakura team had won the hearts of the people.

After Rabbi left News 24 Nepal, the program was run by Samjhana Bhujel. For some time, the program was run by Samjhana Bhujel with Sidhakura Janata.  The team with Sidhakura Janata has been conducting the program in the same color as before. The team with Sidhakura Janata, which has been raising the issues of the people till the 795th Broadcasting Yatra with Sidhakura Janata, has to face various abuses while reporting.  The team of the people who are directly involved in the work of giving justice to the victims and exposing their deeds has done injustice.

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