Director Bohara’s counter to Durgesh, the mouth does not heal, I am going to Paul alone with the story to play the movie.

In the Nepali film industry, the production team seems to be in a frenzy in many places other than the production team. There is a tendency to disappear after hitting the movie hall, but the team of Hello Zindagi has come back to the movie hall to review their movie. Producer Sarita Gurung has said that the film made by incorporating Nepali Bhasa culture and civilization has been associated with the Indian film RRR, which has affected Hello Zindagi.

Now that Durgesh Thapa is being abused and criticized by many people, he has come to the media and said that there is nothing wrong with me and that he is a close friend of Paul’s. Surya Bohara and Sabita are also working on their new project. If Surya Bohara goes abroad if the law allows, Sabita says that she will go alone, give Paul Sah in jail, to read the script, give it and take it one step further. .

At a time when the Nepali film industry is in a downward spiral, foreign films are gaining ground in Nepal, and Nepali films are lagging behind, which has resulted in huge losses to the Nepali film industry. The Nepali film industry is of the opinion that good films are not made according to the wishes of the audience. After the movie hall closed for some time due to Kovid, the movie industry is about to emerge after the terror of Kovid subsided.

The film’s director and artist Everest Surya Bohara, producer, artist, social worker Sabita Gurung informed about the film, Nepali society, the film is made by including the real events that happened in the life of the people, it will explain the life of the people. Surya said that since he started his journey as an artist from the very beginning, he used to work in many fields. While Nepali cinemas are becoming more and more popular, audiences seem to be more attracted to foreign films than Nepali films. Even when foreign films are separated from Nepali cinema halls, it has harmed the world of Nepali cinema.

Bohra said that the films made in his life got a good market, Hello Life is also very hard work, hard work and big investment, appreciating the mood of the audience, the film is made as they want, the audience will be very interested. According to Tim, the movie, which was made two years ago, was due to be released late due to Korna.

Talking to Surya Bohara about the story he had imagined a long time ago, after meeting Bikram Joshi, he said that the team had prepared him to make the film. Since Surya is a patriotic son, Nepali Bhasa culture, customs and rituals are being influenced by foreign elements, even though it has affected Nepali cinema. He said that his film was affected even when he was ready to do so.

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