Dividing society? Police reprimanded Mayor Vidyasunder Shakya for distributing food

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Vidya Sundar Shakya does not like to appear in the media. Due to his decision of the last day, he has walked away from the media. Our team Nepal had been feeding the people who lost their jobs after the Corona epidemic. However, our team has been removed under the direction of Shakya. Not only that. The metropolis has also confiscated our team’s belongings. The scene where 21 members of our team were forcibly arrested by the police and put in a van has gone viral on social media. The metropolis itself could not feed the citizens who were tired and miserable. How reasonable is it for the metropolis to instruct the police to arrest them even when other supporting organizations are feeding them?

The kitchen inside the tent in Anamnagar was used to feed 300 people daily. Immediately, the metropolis started demolishing the pavilion saying that an amusement park had to be built in those places. Saying that a budget of Rs 3 million had been allocated for the park at the end of the fiscal year, the mayor asked the police to demolish the kitchen of the poor. Also, our team arrested the food distribution team of Nepal and took them to the police station. The team has been distributing food to more than 300 helpless people daily for months. According to our team, about 2.5 million items have been taken under control by the metropolis. A cooking pavilion has been demolished to make way for an amusement park in the place where the poor are getting support and food. Earlier, the metropolis had removed the act of feeding corona in Tundikhel.

While our team was preparing to distribute the food, suddenly the police came and started making arrests at that place. Our team has protested against the police for attacking the woman. Those who came to the shelter of our team to eat a piece of food daily went hungry that day. Our team was kept at the police station all day and released. All their belongings have been confiscated by the metropolis and all the documents of our team, from the clothes they wear, have been confiscated by the metropolis.

Our team has been providing assistance to those in distress. With the help of volunteer members and external donors, the team has been providing relief and food. Our team has been taking the support coming from the country and abroad to the concerned bodies.

The metropolis had asked the team to vacate the place some time ago. The team that vacated the place within a few days of the opening of the lockdown had also given information. However, the people of Anamnagar say that it is not appropriate to make such a sudden arrest. Metropolitan Mayor Shakya had announced to make Kathmandu a smart city. The mayor has even used the police to make arrests because of the young engineers.
According to Mayor Shakya, our team was forced to stay in a public place. But our team had built a tent in the ward with due permission.

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