Doctor from Bir hospital removed the kidney and sent it to a private lab

Sidhakura Janata Sang Le, a program broadcast by News 24 Nepal, has been addressing the concerns, complaints, and questions of the Nepalese people, and has been raising the problems of the people.  In today’s episode, there is a special revelation about the extreme negligence of Bir Hospital, a controversy was created after a person’s kidney was taken out for transplantation and the hospital said that it would not be used.

For a long time, they were happy that the health of two people in the family would improve after checking and doing a death transplant, but when the hospital informed them that it would not work after removing the kidney, the happiness on the face of the family turned into sadness.  Even in sensitive areas like health, many people are dying prematurely due to the negligence of health workers including doctors and nurses.
 Some people are promoting their unethical work for petty selfishness.  The work of the business complex in Hetaunda has been stopped due to the death of former King Birendra.  There is a dispute about whether or not the work will be done after the demolition of Salik.  Stand Comedian Apurb Chitij Singh is shocked.
Common citizens who are happily earning their living abroad, who are voiceless, raising questions in the voice of people who have no one to speak and listen to, calling for the rights and interests of the people, the program “Sidha Kura Janata Sanga” is the tears of many sad victims.  It has been done.  Whether it is rescuing people trapped abroad or raising the problems of people who have not received justice within the country, they have worked to give some relief to people’s lives.

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