Dohori singer Jeri relationship with her husband has reached the point of divorce

Babita Bania (Jeri), who came into the limelight from the field of Nepali folk-dohori, got married to artist folk-dohori singer Sankar Chhetri some time ago.  For some time, they had a relationship with the sea, which led their journey on a successful path.  Although the two of them have taken their steps forward by competing in other fields as well as live repetition, it seems that after giving birth to a child, there is a difference in their relationship.

Babita Bania aka Jerry and Shankar Chhetri, who got married with a lot of fanfare and are considered to be the perfect couple, after just one and a half years of their marriage, the news that the relationship has reached the point of divorce is now going viral on social media.  Even though there are small quarrels between husband and wife, sometimes small things create big differences.
Jerry has also written the status Feeling empty at ktm district court on her Facebook.  Babita Bania aka Jerry and Shankar Kshetri, who are making a popular name in the Nepali folk music scene, turned their 5-year-long love relationship into marriage on 21st January 2076.  They have a 2-year-old daughter who has been in a relationship for a long time and has reached marriage.
They have reached the court after a rift in their relationship, which has been described as an ideal couple.  This couple went to the Kathmandu district court for divorce today because of the couple’s differences, they could not get a divorce. They reached the court at 1 o’clock in the day and returned home at 5:30.
They have not officially spoken about the fact that they are going to divorce. He, that is, Jerry’s face was showing a dark cloud over his dirty face.  Divorce and marriage of those involved in the field of art and cinema is certainly not a new topic.  Even in a good relationship, when differences arise over small things, many artists have separated their existing families.

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