Don’t eat these 5 things to keep your lungs strong

The second wave of corona virus has shocked everyone. There are no wards in the hospital, and the families of the patients are worried about not getting oxygen. In this case, if we want to stay away from the corona, we have to keep our body healthy, for which our lungs are very important for proper functioning. The corona attacks our lungs, so we need to take special care of our lungs.For that there are some things we should not use. So find out about these things.
More salt: Salt enhances the taste of our food, but if you eat too much salt, it can be very dangerous for your lungs. High sodium diets can lead to asthma. So we should not consume too much salt.

Cold drinks: If you want to keep your lungs healthy you should not eat a variety of soft drinks and if you drink soft drinks you should stay away from it, as it contains high amount of sugar. At the same time, if a person consumes more than five soft drinks a week, he or she will soon have a problem with bronchitis.

Smoking: The smoking packet also clearly states that it is not good for our body and lungs. Despite this, many people smoke and harm their bodies. Smoking directly affects our lungs, so we should stay away from it.

Fried foods: Starchy foods are not considered good for our health, as such foods can make it difficult to breathe. At the same time, obesity also increases, which in turn has a detrimental effect on our lungs. Therefore, we should not eat fried food.

Alcohol: Alcohol harms our body no matter what. Excessive intake of Xi can adversely affect our lungs and liver. If you are already struggling with lung disease, then you and Xi should be avoided.

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