Don’t know Balen Sah – Mayor Hark Sampang’s strong response

Hark Sampang, Mayor of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan Municipality, while talking to the program director of “Mechikali Khabar”, said that since I am working in my area and Balen Sah is working in his own way in his area, he has not even met with him till date and said that he does not know Balen. Hark Sampang said that even after winning independence, they have not been able to get close to Balen. Hark said that we did not meet each other because we did not have work and need for each other and did not know each other much.

After solving the water problem of Dharan, he started planting trees. He said that now the problem of electricity will be solved in all areas of Dharan. He said that he would open a factory in Dharan metropolis to provide employment to the people, and provide services to the people using the resources available at the local level. Sampang said that while working in this way, there is no need to lease contracts, it will be cheaper, the money of the state fund will be saved, it will be clean to donate labor, and it will be fun.

The National Research Center has been providing services to the people by making new equipment and materials through many efforts since the past. At a time when Nepal is relying on foreign products, Mahabir is continuously campaigning to provide services to the people by making various materials in Nepal. He said that now in Nepal, educational materials, health and other fields are being made. Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, who was born in a military family, while donating labor to the people for work, after the children said in the sweet Salima, “I also want to be Hark Sampang”, he said that if he was the popular mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balen Sah, he would have answered his salutation, even though he is a literary person. He said that since he is not a human being, he will answer in his own cell.

He said that even though birds, mice and ants live for themselves, a person should live for others, love the country, never try to be self-centered, and do not hurt the hearts of others. Mayor Hark Sampang, who is being talked about in the country and abroad, after finishing his office work, carries a spade with the people and starts donating labor to the people. Since he has to serve the people, as soon as the office work is done during the office hours, he reaches the office and starts working. When Manis become people’s representatives, they travel by plane with leaders and activists. But as a positive message in the Sampang society, they spend time with the people while living an equal life.


On the day of July 1st, Mayor Hark Sampang, who is in the news at home and abroad, sang a tearful song saying that he can do something for the country and die for the country. He has sung a song saying that we should not spread big gossip in the country, but do small things and move forward together with each other. He has sung to end corruption in the country and find a way to live life in reality. He has sung that we should move forward together for the development of the country, not by fighting against each other. He said that those who have contributed to this work, it is the plan of all, that in the days to come, a program will be held for the reduction of drug addiction one day a week on Friday.

Hark Sampang said that since they are constantly working to bring water to Dharan, even though they cannot carry stones themselves, they have come to help with food. Elders have said that people like Balen Sah, Gopi Hamal should join politics and serve the people. Mayor Hark Sampang has requested that the people of Dharan send him to build the development of Dharan by giving him valuable votes, he should first fulfill the responsibility he got, listen to the complaints of the people, and continue on the way to solve the problem. are

He has seen the meetings before today and raised his voice saying that he did not bring up the place where he was born and brought up, that it was a big mistake to attack the independent candidate. He has requested to continue working. Hark Sampang became the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city after becoming an independent candidate. After he won, people asked him to cut him off when he walked alone, when he wore slippers, when he walked, but his role changed but his economic status did not change. He said that he will continue to struggle until he cannot provide service facilities. Hark Sampang has said that he has not done anything, this should be the wife of the people living in Dharan. He said that he should congratulate himself on the day he fulfills his election promise to the people of Dharan.

He said that he is an ordinary person and that there should be a change in life, so for development, he said that he will advance his work from the simple work of breaking gravel and carrying stones to big work. Mayor Herc has sung a song for the sweet people in the interview itself. He said that if Mayor Hark Sampang finds a source of water, brings the people along with him to break stones and reach the water to the consumers, if everyone is together under the same label, the intimacy will also increase. He said that although he had to go to jail when he tried to bring out such information, now he can search for information about things he does not know.

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