Double singer Mohan Khadka’s amazing family, only 3 mothers, owner of 300 million assets

Mohan Khadka, who was born in India, came to Nepal and started his life struggling.  Mohan Khadka, who has been singing since he was a child, has now established himself as a famous singer.  Khadka said that although his father’s property would reach three generations, he was moving forward with the aim of earning both name and money without abusing his father’s earnings.

Khadka has three mothers and they are friendly with each other, which has made her life happier and happier.  The mothers of Mohan Khadka, who has struggled with different aspects of her life, say that they love their four sons as much as they love their mothers.  She said that she was happy to have a son in Europe, to take care of two houses and to be an artist.  Even though her life is happy now, when she remembers the struggles and sufferings of the past, she feels sad, says her mother.

Mohan Khadka is one of the most popular singers in Nepal with famous expensive singer Bishnu Majhi.  She said that even when her mother sent her son to school, she only sang songs.  She said that she was very happy to have Badri Pangeni in the previous generation and Mohan Auda in the second generation from Rampur.  The youngest mother said that since she was young, everyone thought it would do something and that she was happy to do it.

He said that in most families it is difficult to live with the same mother, but when three mothers get along well, their family is very happy.  “Even though they got married by mistake, the sons get along very well with each other. They have never had a bad relationship,” she said.  “Even though many people start quarreling after getting married, they have never had a quarrel in their family,” she said.

Mohan Khadka says that his father passed away when he was in 7th grade and then he grew up in the shadow of his elder brother.  He said that although his father’s property was enough to feed his three generations, he was struggling because of his habit of starting his life by working hard.  He said that since everyone in the family walks together, everyone smiles and lives happily.  He said that since they are the essence of meeting, even if the stove is different, it does not make any difference wherever they go and eat.

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