Dr. Anup Bastola (Chief Consultant, Teku Hospital) – Fireside

Fireside is the TV program show presented on Kantipur TV HD. It is a Live Show which presents the burning issues of the country. It encapsulates the different angles which includes politics, economics, social, cultural and many more. The show fired on top notch decision makers. It is presented on every Monday at 9:30 pm. The show was firstly presented by renowned TV personality Bhusan Dahal but now the personality is replaced and the show is hosted by Journalist Rupesh Shrestha. The program goes the Live cast.

The conversation is held between different political figures, administrative leaders, top artist, singer, dancer, actor, actress and with many other renowned and limelight face. The questionaries’ related with their domains are been asked within the show. Sometimes the queries with the politics has been asked, which includes their party’s agenda, ongoing projects or works, support towards the Nepalese people, the work they have been done till the date and the work they will do at the future. The questions are also raised which is related with the economic condition of Nepal. What type of economical growth has been seen in Nepal?

What type of progress and projects are been implemented in our country to uplift the economical growth of the country? Which sectors will be the main core factors for the economical growth? Is there any possibility in the tourism sector? What type of administrative support is needed for the Nepalese to uplift the educational and health sector of our country? How can we increase the literacy rate and produced the highly skilled manpower through our education? Is the educational system of our country being effective?

Will todays educational system of our country be fruitful enough to develop the skill in the students or learners and can it be good enough to compete with the global peoples. What type of health issues are there in the Nepalese people? Is Nepal Government is providing the support for needy and poor ones. What type of supports are been provided through the Government side? Similarly, sometimes the questions are also raised by relating with the film industry, what type of problems the artists are facing and what can be the solutions of it? In whole, the questions are raised related with the different subjects and presented in a very burning way through this show.

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