Dr. Bhim Rawal on Yaksha Question

CPN-UML leader Bhim Rawal had a special debate on the current issues of MSS, SSP, Citizenship Bill with program presenter Rajendra Bania in the Yaksha Prasha program broadcast on Himalaya TV. Since these things which are against the mind of the Nepali people are against the national interest, they have said that their party, the opposition party, will raise their voice openly even if they are the only voice when they do something wrong. He has said that the freedom of the Nepali people has been violated by passing the Citizenship Bill, which has been pending in the parliament for 3 years.

Dr. Bhim Rawal, the senior leader of Nepal Communist Party UML, has said that some senior leaders of our country are in a rush to please foreign countries instead of building their own country. He has said that the leader who thinks that he will be good if he pleases the foreign nation is going to sell the country. In order to increase the popularity of the country and democracy, he said that local level elections should be concluded at the appointed time. Rawal said that since some leaders and workers are wrong to abuse democracy for their own interests, people should look at the value and recognition of democracy and move forward.

He said that even though the election should be held during the UML, the opinion of some leaders that it should be shifted to the local level is wrong. Rawal has said that KP Oli’s opinion that he will leave his opinion on MCC and speak only when the government’s opinion on nationalism is reached is wrong. He said that the workers of the party who have taken their steps forward for the people of the country, should openly protest against any action that goes against the constitution of the country. He said that he has found all the documents in which MCC has an agreement to direct the ministries in Nepal.

He has said that he will always raise his voice against the MCC as he is alone in the section where the UML party has decided to pass the MCC. He has revealed that the Ministry of Construction cannot work against any law of America. He said that the MCC, which is against the laws of Nepal, cannot be brought into the country under any circumstances. The decisions made by the MCC cannot be overturned by the government of Nepal, they said that patriotic citizens should rise up to stop the MCC against the government of the country. He said that some leaders are putting the country at risk by making compromises on various matters within the country for their personal interests, so Nepali people should work continuously to prevent this.

Many agreements have been made even when KP Oli was in government, he said that since he is following the rules and principles of UML, even if the leaders and workers of his party are involved, he will take serious action against it. Rawal said that since it is the largest amount of land, the first priority will be given to the country and the people. He has said that he will stand against people who are doing wrong in his party even in accordance with the principles of UML. Rawal said that everyone should go together for the sake of the nation’s independence.

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