Dr. JP Jaisawal, celebrity doctor of norvic hospital: The Gita Pokharel case of daughter and DNA test

Diyo Post Online had revealed that Dr. Jap Jasawal had tried to rape a foreign woman inside the Norvik Hospital in 2076. Jaswal had sexually assaulted the wife of a man who had come to Nepal for treatment from Spain. Jada, who looks like a fake nurse at Norwich Hospital, is seen putting a nurse on the site and smiling, the audience said. Jaswal, who got his MBBS from Calcutta University in 1995, has been serving for 30 years now. 4 years after doing MBBS, he did md from Benaras University. Considered one of the best pediatricians in Nepal, he served in Nepal and India, he was also Prachanda’s family doctor.

A doctor working at the Norvik Hospital run by Binod Chaudhary’s brother, who is considered to be the richest man in Nepal, had repeatedly complained to a Spanish citizen seeking sexual services inside the hospital. The woman was forced to leave her husband in Nepal and return to her homeland after she was repeatedly called to her cabin and sexually assaulted at the Hotel Himalaya where she was staying. After the incident was reported to her husband only after he arrived abroad, the victim’s husband sent a complaint from abroad to the hospital’s email address with full details. When I questioned Jaswal about this, he told me that it was not possible and that it would happen because the hospital had cleared me.

Although the doctor said that he had seen the patient, he said that he was suffering from cerebral palsy. Jaswal had said that even though he was 70 years old, he had brought a girl like his daughter and that her mental condition was not good. Not being able to study, even in the dream of a good home, she got pregnant at the age of 20, even though she was a real doctor, she did not know that she was fake in the case of love. Despite having two options of dying or having an abortion, she decided to move on with her life by coping with different circumstances.

Although she could not file a case due to financial and moral crisis, she started working and studying after getting the support of her parents. She said Gagan, who has reached the level of law-making, has a special role to play in giving justice to women, saying that she has suffered the pain of being humiliated by her own brother because of a mistake made by one of them. Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has written on social media, “Salute to those who have dared to write this true story. She wrote on her social network that she would boycott the doctor from today.

Even before this, there were many reports of sexual violence by doctors who wrote that they would boycott. A woman who looks like a daughter has been coming to a foreign neurological hospital for treatment, but the doctor also raped the wife of the same foreigner. Two years after that incident, on 22 February 2078, written by a Nepali woman living in the UK, Dr. Bhattarai also shared that the accused was the same Jaswal. Status written by Gita Pokhrel and Dr. Bhattarai were boycotted.

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