Dr. Sareesha Shrestha, a Gold Medalist doctor of TU to represent Nepal in Miss Earth 2022

Dr. Sarisa Shrestha, who won the title of Miss Nepal Earth in the Miss Nepal beauty pageant 2022 held in Godavari last month, won the gold medal as the best student. Sharing that she topped MBBS 2076 and got gold medal, she wrote. She told me that studying mbbs was difficult, but the hard work and hard work she studied brought excellent results. She has told that her parents abandoned her and worked with her sister.

Sarita Shrestha, who celebrated her 25th birthday some time ago, has won titles in education and other activities. She said that she has a great hope that she will be successful in lifting the crown of the upcoming Miss World pageant with everyone’s love, trust and trust. Nancy Khadka, Sareesha Shrestha, Priyanka Rani Joshi have become Miss Nepal 2022, although they have won the crown in different titles, they will participate in different platforms.

Words also act as medicine for people, than what to say to people who think life is bad, I truly believe that words are the best medicine for people, because words touch people not only physically, but also from the heart. She said that those words bring change in people’s lives, and it is the words that lead people to change. When kind words are spoken, it brings a new wave in people’s lives. In your opinion, what can be done to become an example to become a spirit-dependent, fearless capable woman, Joshi presented her answer in a very loud and melodious voice in a fun way, because she is very good at speaking, it is believed that she will help her in Miss World.

Even though many people participate in the beauty pageant, being selected from them, in the end one person wins the title, who represents Nepal and also gets the opportunity to introduce Nepal to the world. For Nepal, the opening announcement was made by former Miss Nepal Ivana Manandhar and Malina Joshi. Ivana was Miss Nepal 2015 and Malina was Miss Nepal 2011. In a different style from previous years, Miss Nepal was inaugurated by wearing four different kinds of clothes.

Last year, due to the corona epidemic, the project could not take place. This year, nearly 800 competitors participated, and 24 of these competitors were selected for the final competition. If the last 24 contestants were kept in a closed trial, the competition was held, then 12 contestants were placed in the next level. From 12 directly down to 6, in the end three contestants were crowned Miss Nepal. Samrika, Priyanka, Sushmita, Sarisa, Rose and Nancy were in the top 6. In this competition, out of 24 people, 6 were doctors, but Dr. Sarisa Shrestha was the best in winning the title. Face of 2022 was won by Doctor Ganga Gurung. This year, 9 sub titles were won in the beauty pageant.

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